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About Us

When it comes to food and other perishable products, you need to trust your carrier has it – cold.

We specialize in fresh and frozen meat but also work with flowers, pharmaceuticals, and other time and temperature-sensitive cargo.

Asset-Based Canadian Company

55 Trucks

110 Reefer Trailers

Dedicated Customer Service Team

Knowledge Through Experience

With years of hands-on experience, our skilled professionals navigate the challenges of temperature-sensitive cargo, ensuring your perishables reach their destination in optimal condition.

Trustworthy by Nature

Trust is our foundation. We prioritize transparency and reliability, handling your cold food and perishables with unwavering integrity. Your trust isn’t just earned; it’s proven time and time again.

Reliable & Competent

Core to our operations is reliability. Our advanced refrigerated fleet and trained drivers ensure peak performance, providing seamless logistics solutions that surpass industry standards.

Predictable In Everything We Do

There is no time or products to waste. Our meticulous planning, adherence to schedules, and proactive communication guarantee predictably efficient service, offering peace of mind for your perishable cargo.

When it comes to food, you need to trust your carrier has it...


This is where decades of experience dealing with distance and temperature control come as a prerequisite. There is no time or products to waste.

Predictability must be at the forefront of our business and yours.

We specialize in fresh and frozen meat but also work with flowers, pharmaceuticals, and other time and temperature-sensitive cargo.

Retaining Meat Value Through Cold Chain

We prioritize extending meat's shelf life with efficient, speedy cold chain management. Our fleet, featuring advanced refrigeration, ensures ideal transit conditions. We focus on precise temperature control, strict quality checks, and regulatory compliance from collection to delivery, aiming for prolonged preservation and efficient logistics.

Temperature Control Specialists

We specialize in cross-border perishables, focusing on efficient compliance and minimizing delays. Our strategic location near key routes ensures timely, cost-effective deliveries with cross-docking facilities in Calgary and the GTA. Leveraging strong industry relationships, we facilitate seamless trade and support for products of all shapes and sizes that require temperature control.

No Stress - Seamless Documentation

We specialize in streamlining documentation for major meat packers in Canada-U.S. cross-border trade. Handling customs paperwork, regulatory compliance, and permits, we ensure efficient, accurate coordination of manifests and origin certificates. Our expertise in international trade guarantees fast, precise client service.

Everything Food Grade

We expertly handle the unique challenges of meat transport, focusing on stringent temperature control with specialized refrigeration technology for quality and safety. Our commitment involves using food-grade equipment and maintaining hygiene and regulatory compliance in the perishable meat industry.

Your Value-Added Meat Mover

Packers Logistics Solutions wants to make a difference in how perishables and meat are transported.

We work closely with our partner DFI Logistics to offer a one-stop service for testing and holding meats during inspection by on-site CFIA inspectors. This gives us unprecedented access to reinspection services for avoiding any costs or turn-around time.

Dolan’s location minutes away from Pearson International Airport and Ontario ports with the capability of long- and short-term inventory management an unstoppable team to beat.

Shipments Great & Small

Packers Logistics Solutions stands out as a specialized leader in meat and other perishables transport, focusing on less-than full (LTL) and full truck loads across Canada and traversing the dynamic Canada/USA border. Our tailored solutions cater to the diverse needs of the food and perishables industries, offering flexibility for varying shipment sizes and trouble-free document handling, ensuring seamless transportation across the border.

Leader In Logistics

We excel in providing comprehensive logistics services that meet the unique demands of the meat, foods and other perishable sectors that require exacting temperature control, solidifying our position as a trusted partner for businesses involved in cross-border and regional transportation. Adding to our flexibility is the options around cross-docking and re-palletizing in Calgary, Alberta or in the GTA. Our unwavering dedication to delivering superior transportation solutions has earned us a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and innovation.

Our Incredible Team

Bill manages local operations in Stoney Creek including booking and managing pick-up and delivery appointments with all major distribution centers in the GTA. Bill also has 30 years of experience behind the wheel and is a vast resource for all matters trucking.

Direct   905-218-6545


Brad manages operations related to our Calagary terminal. Brad has a great working relationship with all major food distribution centers in Alberta and is a vast resource for problem solving in the region as well as providing a comfortable and welcoming oasis for our drivers in the west.

Direct   403-477-7288


Brian manages customer development and next level customer service. Brian has decades of experience in the trucking industry at all levels and has great vision in developing solutions to challenging transportation requirements.

Direct   289-775-0395


Erin manages all invoicing as well as cross border compliance and delivery documentation. If you need a POD or record of customs clearance, please reach out Erin directly.

Direct   905-218-6550


Kevin sat behind Moses in the eighth grade and has been trucking ever since. Kevin manages strategic accounts and carrier partner operations.

Direct   905-961-9366


Kristen primarily manages eastern cross border traffic as well as oversees all highway operations. Kristen is also an expert in customs and USDA/CFIA requirements and procedures, as well as booking and managing delivery appointments in both Canada and the United States.

Direct   905-219-6544


Lorie is primary contact for all things customs and USDA/CFIA. Lorie has worked both sides of the customs process and has decades of experience managing all aspects of international customs policies and procedures.

Direct   905-218-6543


Stewart manages western domestic TL & LTL operations. Stewart also books and manages delivery appointments to all major distribution centers in western Canada and coordinates operations between the Stoney Creek terminal and Calgary terminal.

Direct   905-218-6551